Our Green Sign and Graphics Initiative Sign Design has made a commitment to greener technology and products for our customers and an energy-efficient, safer work environment for our employees. We utilize a variety of green practices in an effort to contribute to a sustainable future.

Greener Signs
Increased Image Quality and Reduced Environmental Impact
Sign Design was one of the first companies in the United States to offer greener signage with latex ink technology. Our grand-format latex digital printer sets a new standard – increased image quality, faster print speed and excellent print durability.

The water based inks create odorless, non-toxic prints on a wide-range of eco-friendly products, reducing environmental impact by lowering toxic emissions.

Solar Power
Our facility is new equipped with 12,500 square feet of roof-mounted solar panels. By generating our own solar power, Sign Design aims to reduce electrical demand by more than 50%. This reduction in overhead translates into cost-savings for our customers.

Check out our Renewable Energy Usage with real time numbers!

A Greener Workplace
Sign Design has adopted green practices to reduce waste in our workplace in order to lower overhead and minimize landfill accumulation.

Our recycling program includes materials used in manufacturing like aluminum, PVC, steel, acrylic, and lexan; fluorescent tubes, ballasts, transformers and other electrical parts; and office paper, printer cartridges, packaging materials, and kitchen waste.

In addition, Sign Design offices are outfitted with 100% Energy-Star rated bulbs and fixtures, using at least 2/3 less energy.

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